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The Way

All genuine schools of esoteric wisdom, past and present, have been known simply as the "Way." The Way is not exclusive to one group or organization, just as truth is not exclusive; its acquisition belongs to everyone. At its core, The Eminent Way is an experiential journey, meaning that there is no dogma or belief, for the only true teaching is what one knows by doing, being, or experiencing.


The First Three Ways

All spiritual and religious practices can be divided into one of three categories, depending on the style and emphasis:

The Way of the Body - The First Way is the way of the body, and the goal is to gain enlightenment by mastering carnal desire and overcoming one's attachment to the physical world. Examples include certain types of yoga, martial arts, and disciplines that utilize specific diets or fasting to achieve their goal.

The Way of the Emotions - The Second Way is the way of the emotions. The goal is to deepen and broaden one's sense of the divine within through acts of intense devotion and the expression of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23).

The Way of the Mind - The Third Way is the path of mental discipline, which includes philosophy, logic, reason, and memorization of scriptures or sutras. The goal is to reach the level of pure reason and understanding.

The Fourth Way

Introduced to the Western world by the enigmatic mystic G.I. Gurdjieff, the Fourth Way attempts to synthesize the three preceding Ways (the Way of the body, emotions, and mind) into a simultaneous practice where each is practiced concurrently.

This is done through two methods: self-remembering and self-observation. By vitalizing your awareness of your body, emotions, and mind, you can regulate the Moving Center, Emotional Center, and Thinking Center to develop a harmonious relationship between them. This will correct imbalances and pave the path for the higher centers (higher emotional and higher thinking) to emerge.

The Fourth Way also employs a thorough and intricate cosmology, setting forth a teaching that all manifestations of the Absolute (God, The Divine, etc.) are manifested through three forces (called the Law of Three) represented by the Holy Affirming (+), the Holy Denying (-), and the Holy Reconciling (Neutral).

The cosmology of the Fourth Way includes the teaching that any process, whether it be digestion (called the Three Foods) or the evolution of the cosmos (called the Ray of Creation), can be divided into seven distinct phases, similar to the musical octave.

The Fourth Way has also been called 'Esoteric Christianity' because it reveals the origins of Christian teachings, which predate the Christian doctrine by thousands of years but possess the same qualities. The primary influence in the Fourth Way is the ancient practices of Hermeticism and Alchemy, rebranded for the post-industrial age.


The Emin Way

The Emin Way, (the 5th and 6th) includes the first four ways and esoteric teachings from other disciplines designed to connect one to the forces and intelligence of the Unseen Worlds, which, whether known or not, greatly influence humanity.

The Emin Way also includes highly specialized knowledge and practices innate to its own emergence. Examples of this are called:

  • The Eminent Way (Level I)

  • The Gemrod

  • The Eagle Endeavor

  • The Gemin Vine

  • Emin Theater

  • Electrobix

  • and more...

Another aspect of The Emin Way is the study of the Natural Laws that govern all cosmic expressions. These laws are derived from but far exceed the study of the Law of Three and the Law of Seven, which have their origins in the Fourth Way tradition. To these is added the study of Color, Numbers, Sigils, Symbols, and Language to understand the deeper esoteric significance of practically everything.

The Eminent Way

The Eminent Way is a transformative journey that builds upon the wisdom of the six preceding ways. It ventures beyond The Emin to explore the profound aspects of the Seventh Way, including Eminent Way Level I, II, III, Gemrod, and more.

As the final note in the octave of human evolution, The Eminent Way is future-bound. It aims to unlock each person's full potential and radiate the signal of spiritual evolution for all mankind. By becoming a member, you can align yourself with this connected vision and contribute to humanity's spiritual awakening.

Our practices, teachings, and technologies offer specific methods that allow individuals to connect directly with the evolutionary signal of creation that informs human purpose. Here, there are no teachers or students, only explorers sharing methods and practical applications of sacred knowledge freely. We aim to restore mankind to its rightful place in the cosmos and partake in the Divine Intelligence of universal expression.

Become a member of The Eminent Way today and join a global community dedicated to personal and collective spiritual evolution. Share in the journey, benefit from shared wisdom, and help illuminate the path for others. Your participation is key to unlocking the full potential of the human spirit and contributing to a brighter future for all.

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