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What does Eminent Way mean to me?

Year is 2019, due to my poor life choices, I’m feeling stuck in a two-bedroom house in Michigan. I feel lost and sad. But, suddenly this changes with a single man’s entrance to my life. Shortly after, this man starts sending me his blogs on a website. I start reading and I am in awe at this person and his immense knowledge about things that I’ve never thought of before. I have always been a spiritual person. My perception of this world is already different yet, with his teachings, many more windows and doors opened in my spiritual sanctuary within my soul. I’m thankful for this person for giving me that opportunity. Because I know this that without a spiritual connection to this world, we do not stand a chance in the Astral light. We must keep the esoteric chain that ties our spirits to this world after we are gone and that way, we can come back again. So, what does Eminent Way mean to me? It means connecting to this world in many levels and learning not to just look at the surroundings, but to learn to see beyond what is out there. It means changing and enhancing your way of thinking and vision for life. Through only this, esoteric discoveries are possible and endless and there is a sea of knowledge awaiting out there for all of us👏🏻Thank you Pierce for giving me a chance to walk along with you on this sacred path👏🏻Namaste!


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