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The Knowledge

The Eminent Way is home to a vast array of knowledge and esoteric wisdom teachings unparalleled in the Western mystery traditions of our time. It would take several lifetimes to master all the subjects in the Eminent Way. However, mastery over every subject is not required - in fact, it's better to focus on a few areas of study and dedicate yourself to the disciplines that offer you the most progress and insights for your own life.


For some, it may be healing modalities; for others, their interest lies in astrology and the divinatory arts. Still, others focus on Eminent Way theater and mumming, the power of sound, speech, and music, or the unseen worlds and their inhabitants.

Wherever your path leads you, The Eminent Way offers a rich heritage of esoteric and occult knowledge and wisdom, much of which cannot be learned elsewhere.

Though not exhaustive, the following list is a small sampling of the many facets of an Eminent Way journey of insight and discovery:

The Divinatory Arts

Explore the fascinating realms of the divinatory arts using tools such as the Tarot, Numerology, the Alphacuriobet (and beta), palmistry, and the nourishing art of Detection.

Learn to tune in to the Akashic records and read the unknown history of ancient civilizations or holy sites to develop your latent faculties, such as clairvoyance, sensitivity, and psychic awareness.

Develop the ability to sense and detect the planet's ley lines, bands of force that flow through and around the planet, much like the nervous impulses in the human complex.

Mastering the divinatory arts is more than just learning to work with the Tarot or reading charts; it is about learning to tune in to your inner wisdom and interpret the natural symbols within your own consciousness.

Firefly Divination, tarot, astrology, numerology abstract mystical sphere pyramid on blue
Firefly a woman practicing energy healing with an aura of divine on a blue background; neg
The Healing Arts

Learn to heal yourself and others through various esoteric healing modalities. These include:

  • Spagyrics: Making herbal remedies and tinctures in the classical alchemical way.

  • Sound Therapy: Learn how certain sounds and frequencies can influence and direct the flow of energy in the human complex, restoring health and vitality.

  • Electrobix: Work directly with the energy fields in and around the human body to correct imbalances, recharge, cleanse, and clear the aura.

  • Sionix: Using thought energy and perception modification to cause epigenetic changes in your DNA to increase lifespan expectancy, reduce susceptibility to certain diseases, and restore youthful vitality.

  • Astral Healing: An advanced technique practiced in an out-of-body state that focuses on healing the root cause of disease at a vibrational level higher than the physical plane.

  • Soul Psychology: A unique method of transforming the mentality and emotions for total psychological well-being.

...and many more!

The Unseen Worlds

It is important to understand that The Eminent Way is not a theoretical path but an experiential one.

The unseen-worlds is an important study because it allows us to observe and interact with the realms of force and power that interpenetrate our physical world. As such, you will learn to see, sense, and in some cases connect with angelic, elemental, planetary, solar, and other conscious entities that vibrate at a higher frequency in the matter/energy spectrum than we normally perceive in the physical universe.

In this area of study, you'll learn to switch on your ability to see these attending forces (which is called electrical vision), as well as interact consciously with them (called astral interaction).

In addition to these capabilities, you will also learn to see and sense the human aura, a subtle electromagnetic field that surrounds each person, which is an indication of their health, well-being, emotional state, and level of development. In the physical realms, it's often good to know who you're dealing with. In the electrical realms, it becomes a matter of what you're dealing with.

A Lifelong Journey

To describe every avenue of esoteric investigation, knowledge, and wisdom teachings The Eminent Way offers would take many pages. One important thing to keep in mind is that although The Eminent Way contains a vast array of esoteric teachings and disciplines, it is not a fixed endeavor, meaning that new territories are constantly being explored and unraveled.

This is made possible by a set of tools called 'Groundwork Tools,' which represents a unique approach to understanding the unknown by using a set of esoteric tools designed to reveal the inner core of any subject one wants to know about. It's like having a master key to universal knowledge - and it's up to you to unlock it...

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