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About Us

The Eminent Way is a spiritual path of conscious awakening developed to meet the needs of our times. Instead of relying on doctrine or dogma, it is based on personal experience gained from applying powerful transformation tools to one's life.


For example, consider the difference between believing in reincarnation as a theory vs. learning to leave one's body at will (OBE) in astral form and experiencing the spirit realms or "afterlife" firsthand. Clearly, there is a difference between learning about something intellectually and experiencing it for oneself; this is the core concept of The Eminent Way.


Learning informs opinion, whereas experience causes fundamental transformation in the way we view and interact with life. Students of The Eminent Way are not philosophers; we are practitioners who study things like the laws of nature, healing modalities, the unseen worlds, divination, mediation, theourgia, soul psychology, world history, world religions, and more - all emphasizing practical application.

About You

Students of The Eminent Way are men and women from all backgrounds and walks of life who share one thing in common - a thirst for authentic ways of living a more conscious, awakened, and meaningful life.

Although not a religion, The Eminent Way explores the esoteric aspects of all world religions to understand the best each has to offer in connection and service to God and Creation.


Since The Eminent Way does not teach a person what to think or believe, each person can utilize the most compelling tools and leave the ones that don't resonate with their aim and life.

Members meet online between 1-3 times per week in an engaging, supportive, and meaningful way to explore the many subjects under the auspices of The Eminent Way.


Getting Involved

Participation in The Eminent Way is open to anyone over 18 years of age who wishes to experience the unique transformative approach of this system.


Moreover, although donations are graciously accepted, live, online meetings are offered free of charge to all interested persons, regardless of their ability to donate.

The core Eminent Way teachings are divided into three phases. The first phase of training is known as the Exoteric Cycle. It consists of 21 lessons designed to help you establish a solid foundation in the spiritual psychology of The Eminent Way. The Mesoteric Cycle also consists of 21 lessons that build upon the foundation established in the first phase. Finally, the Esoteric Cycle completes the circle of your foundational Eminent Way training. 

In addition to the core works, we also offer a variety of ad-hoc courses throughout the year. These courses include various supplemental training to enhance your spiritual powers and abilities. For example, courses in divination, the tarot, astral projection, healing, esoteric art, the use of color, mumming, the development of clairvoyance, and more are offered throughout the year.

Are you Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Membership in The Eminent Way is accessible to all persons who wish to explore the unique path of an Eminent Way journey. Membership is on an "at will" basis, meaning members are free to come and go as the needs of their development journey dictate. As a group, we meet one to three times per week, online, to explore the many facets of The Eminent Way, such as:

  • Seeing and Sensing the Human Aura

  • The Art of Detection

  • Astrology

  • Numerology

  • Tarot

  • Electrobix (i.e. Energy Work)

  • The Power of the Mind

  • The Theurgic Arts of Ancient Egypt

  • "Electrical" Cleaning for your Home and Environment

  • Astral Projection

  • Working with Elemental Forces

  • Alchemy and Hermeticism

  • Personality and Essence

  • The Five Centers

  • Healing Arts

  • The Science of Meditation

  • Working with the Unseen Worlds of Force and Power

  • Soul Psychology

  • The Eminent Way Devotional Series

  • Esoteric Christianity (Hermetic)

  • Esoteric Judaism (Kabbalah)

  • Esoteric Islam (Sufi)

  • The Fourth Way

  • The Gemrod

  • The Gemin Vine

  • Groundwork

  • The Use of Color, Numbers, and Symbols

  • Atmospheres and Ecologies

  • Reading the Akashic Records

  • The Development of Higher States of Consciousness

  • The Divinatory Arts

  • The Jeweled Way

  • The CORE Works

  • Working with Religious Essences

  • The Three Rays of Creation

  • Octaves and "Shocks"

...and hundreds of other topics!

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